Agile Team Organizer | Notion Template

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Agile Team Organizer | Notion Template

Felipe Moreira, your Notion and Airtable specialist
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Complete tool for professionals that need to manage a remote and agile team. With this Notion page you will be able to manage:

  • Every single member of your team;

  • Every squad that your company has or will create;

  • Every chapter that your company has;

  • Every task inside your company (connected to a squad);

  • Every message reporting which is the status of a specific squad;

  • And more...

This Notion Template will work easily for your team as well. Every member can access it's personal page making their job a lot smarter. With this template each page has it's own filters and individual work sections. This way, every team member, squad or chapter will manage itself as easily as your company will.

Want to transform the way your company manages Agile teams? You're in the right place :)

I want this!

You'll get...

Team Gallery
With personal kanbans
Squad Gallery
With squad's kanbans
Chapter Gallery
With it's own Useful Links
Integrated Kanban
+ Personal and Squad view
Status Report Table
Messages all across your company
Useful Links List
Categorized by Chapters
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